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Free Web Hosting Pros and Cons

pros and consIf you are interested in doing web hosting but have not enough money to pay the installment; down payment or first investment, then free web hosting can be a great option for you.

There are numerous free web hosting companies. One has to choose the right one for him by searching some sites on the online. On the internet, the advantages and disadvantages are clearly mentioned to for the assistance of an investor who wants to make his/her position in the free web hosting service arena.

As it is mentioned, there are advantages and disadvantages both of a free web hosting. One of the advantages are it costs no money. One can easily start doing web hosting. One do not need to bother of money if he doesn’t have much. It is a great option for experimenting and gathering experiences who are the amateur’s and doesn’t willing to cost any money. The other advantage is one can build up numerous websites of one’s own without the cost of money.


There are some disadvantages also. First of them is one has no domain. Secondly, if you are a free web host, you would have no personal E-mail address to serve the company. It is done by the web hosting company because many spammers use their e-mail ID and try to cover their own address. A free web hosting company serves you no guarantee. Many companies offer a web hosting opportunity to many people free of cost but most of the times they change their rules and regulation suddenly. Sometimes they do it to get publicity but after getting so, they close their domain servicing. There is very inadequate technical facilities of free web hosting. The free web hosting servers invest a little so their ability of hiring a good technical support is also very low.

There are also many discomforts when you are a free web host. Sometimes the advertisement of free web hosting is very unprofessional. Sometimes there is not enough control on your account and in many cases it makes you unable to optimize your own web pages. So, it should be taken under consideration.      

So, these are the pros and can of free web hosting. If you are a planner to do so, it will be the best to think and consider all the advantages and disadvantages of it.



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